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Brenda Foster of Letterpress Soap

I love to make things, by hand.  Lots of things.  Like soap, drawings, knitted blankets and so much more.  I'm not a fine artist but I'm a good maker which perfectly suits my practical approach to creativity.  Here, I share some of what I'm making in the hopes you will enjoy for yourself or for someone special.  


Letterpress Soap is the intersection of my passions for lettering, letterpress printing and soapmaking.  These lost arts come together to create a modern take on monogrammed soaps and personalized products.  When it comes to soap, what goes on our body is equally important as what goes in. I use a technique called "cold process" that uses a combination of plant-based oils and other ingredients that when combined create soap. I select ingredients that are as close to nature as possible; making each soap batch by hand from start to finish.  I also have a no-nonsense approach when it comes to designing and making products which means: no palm oil, no sulfates,no parabens, no petroleum products, no artificial colors, no phthalates, no synthetic hardeners, no synthetic surfactants, no PEGs, no soy, no gluten and no animal testing (except perhaps on my three dogs Bear the Cane Corso, Pepper the Mutt and Truffles the Morkie).